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金泰  As they expected it fell out; three of the routed army fled forlife, and crossing the creek, ran directly into the place, not inthe least knowing whither they went, but running as into a thickwood for shelter. The scout they kept to look abroad gave noticeof this within, with this comforting addition, that the conquerorshad not pursued them, or seen which way they were gone; upon thisthe Spanish governor, a man of humanity, would not suffer them tokill the three fugitives, but sending three men out by the top ofthe hill, ordered them to go round, come in behind them, andsurprise and take them prisoners, which was done. The residue ofthe conquered people fled to their canoes, and got off to sea; thevictors retired, made no pursuit, or very little, but drawingthemselves into a body together, gave two great screaming shouts,most likely by way of triumph, and so the fight ended; the sameday, about three o'clock in the afternoon, they also marched totheir canoes. And thus the Spaniards had the island again free tothemselves, their fright was over, and they saw no savages forseveral years after.

线上金泰线上网站网站It was all one; they crowded after us, and endeavoured to comeunder our stern, so as to board us on our quarter; upon which,seeing they were resolute for mischief, and depended upon thestrength that followed them, I ordered to bring the ship to, sothat they lay upon our broadside; when immediately we fired fiveguns at them, one of which had been levelled so true as to carryaway the stern of the hindermost boat, and we then forced them totake down their sail, and to run all to the head of the boat, tokeep her from sinking; so she lay by, and had enough of it; butseeing the foremost boat crowd on after us, we made ready to fireat her in particular. While this was doing one of the three boatsthat followed made up to the boat which we had disabled, to relieveher, and we could see her take out the men. We then called againto the foremost boat, and offered a truce, to parley again, and toknow what her business was with us; but had no answer, only shecrowded close under our stern. Upon this, our gunner who was avery dexterous fellow ran out his two case-guns, and fired again ather, but the shot missing, the men in the boat shouted, waved theircaps, and came on. The gunner, getting quickly ready again, firedamong them a second time, one shot of which, though it missed theboat itself, yet fell in among the men, and we could easily see dida great deal of mischief among them. We now wore the ship again,and brought our quarter to bear upon them, and firing three gunsmore, we found the boat was almost split to pieces; in particular,her rudder and a piece of her stern were shot quite away; so theyhanded her sail immediately, and were in great disorder. Tocomplete their misfortune, our gunner let fly two guns at themagain; where he hit them we could not tell, but we found the boatwas sinking, and some of the men already in the water: upon this,I immediately manned out our pinnace, with orders to pick up someof the men if they could, and save them from drowning, andimmediately come on board ship with them, because we saw the restof the boats began to come up. Our men in the pinnace followedtheir orders, and took up three men, one of whom was just drowning,and it was a good while before we could recover him. As soon asthey were on board we crowded all the sail we could make, and stoodfarther out to the sea; and we found that when the other boats cameup to the first, they gave over their chase.

金泰线上Being thus delivered from a danger which, though I knew not thereason of it, yet seemed to be much greater than I apprehended, Iresolved that we should change our course, and not let any one knowwhither we were going; so we stood out to sea eastward, quite outof the course of all European ships, whether they were bound toChina or anywhere else, within the commerce of the Europeannations. When we were at sea we began to consult with the twoseamen, and inquire what the meaning of all this should be; and theDutchman confirmed the gunner's story about the false sale of theship and of the murder of the captain, and also how that he, thisDutchman, and four more got into the woods, where they wanderedabout a great while, till at length he made his escape, and swamoff to a Dutch ship, which was sailing near the shore in its wayfrom China.金泰线上网站网站金泰He then told us that he went to Batavia, where two of the seamenbelonging to the ship arrived, having deserted the rest in theirtravels, and gave an account that the fellow who had run away withthe ship, sold her at Bengal to a set of pirates, who were gone a-cruising in her, and that they had already taken an English shipand two Dutch ships very richly laden. This latter part we foundto concern us directly, though we knew it to be false; yet, as mypartner said, very justly, if we had fallen into their hands, andthey had had such a prepossession against us beforehand, it hadbeen in vain for us to have defended ourselves, or to hope for anygood quarter at their hands; especially considering that ouraccusers had been our judges, and that we could have expectednothing from them but what rage would have dictated, and anungoverned passion have executed. Therefore it was his opinion weshould go directly back to Bengal, from whence we came, withoutputting in at any port whatever - because where we could give agood account of ourselves, could prove where we were when the shipput in, of whom we bought her, and the like; and what was more thanall the rest, if we were put upon the necessity of bringing itbefore the proper judges, we should be sure to have some justice,and not to be hanged first and judged afterwards.线上

网站I was some time of my partner's opinion; but after a little moreserious thinking, I told him I thought it was a very great hazardfor us to attempt returning to Bengal, for that we were on thewrong side of the Straits of Malacca, and that if the alarm wasgiven, we should be sure to be waylaid on every side - that if weshould be taken, as it were, running away, we should even condemnourselves, and there would want no more evidence to destroy us. Ialso asked the English sailor's opinion, who said he was of mymind, and that we certainly should be taken. This danger a littlestartled my partner and all the ship's company, and we immediatelyresolved to go away to the coast of Tonquin, and so on to the coastof China - and pursuing the first design as to trade, find some wayor other to dispose of the ship, and come back in some of thevessels of the country such as we could get. This was approved ofas the best method for our security, and accordingly we steeredaway NNE., keeping above fifty leagues off from the usual course tothe eastward. This, however, put us to some inconvenience: for,first, the winds, when we came that distance from the shore, seemedto be more steadily against us, blowing almost trade, as we callit, from the E. and ENE., so that we were a long while upon ourvoyage, and we were but ill provided with victuals for so long arun; and what was still worse, there was some danger that thoseEnglish and Dutch ships whose boats pursued us, whereof some werebound that way, might have got in before us, and if not, some othership bound to China might have information of us from them, andpursue us with the same vigour.金泰线上This sharing out the land to them I left to Will Atkins, who wasnow grown a sober, grave, managing fellow, perfectly reformed,exceedingly pious and religious; and, as far as I may be allowed tospeak positively in such a case, I verily believe he was a truepenitent. He divided things so justly, and so much to every one'ssatisfaction, that they only desired one general writing under myhand for the whole, which I caused to be drawn up, and signed andsealed, setting out the bounds and situation of every man'splantation, and testifying that I gave them thereby severally aright to the whole possession and inheritance of the respectiveplantations or farms, with their improvements, to them and theirheirs, reserving all the rest of the island as my own property, anda certain rent for every particular plantation after eleven years,if I, or any one from me, or in my name, came to demand it,producing an attested copy of the same writing. As to thegovernment and laws among them, I told them I was not capable ofgiving them better rules than they were able to give themselves;only I made them promise me to live in love and good neighbourhoodwith one another; and so I prepared to leave them.



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